“A great book and fun to read!”C. Ronald Huff, PhD






By Steve Moeller

If you want a more joyful, fulfilling, and successful life, ENDORPHINOMICS: The Science of Human Flourishing
will show you how.

Integrating scientific research with profound insights and compelling stories, ENDORPHINOMICS leads you through a comprehensive, evidence-based process for maximizing your emotional, physical, and financial well being.

You’ll learn how to evolve into a healthier, wealthier, and happier life—no matter what your income or stress level is now.

You’ll discover your powers, passions, and purpose, and create a plan to build a flourishing life around them.

  • Enhance your health, vitality, and life expectancy
  • Increase your productivity, income, and financial independence
  • Strengthen your romantic and other key relationships
  • Discover your “calling,” the key to meaningful success and lasting happiness
  • Achieve your full potential—personally and professionally

Author, Steve Moeller, combines cutting-edge research with powerful insights about money, success, and happiness in his four-step process for creating a life you love.

Whether you’re looking for direction and purpose, seeking greater prosperity and balance, looking for your soul mate, or eager to flourish in retirement, Endorphinomics will help you define and live your best possible life!

This book will help you discover your true passions and purpose and create a vision for achieving your most cherished dreams. Steve’s engaging stories and conversational style make it fun and entertaining to read. — Barry G.

Beyond Motivation—a Catalyst
for Positive Change

An immensely practical and engaging synthesis of science, personal experience, and practical advice, Endorphinomics (endorphins and economics) is based on a decade of research in positive psychology, neuroscience, peak performance, adult development, stress reduction, and wealth creation.

It’s like software for your mind, giving you a framework for designing and living your best possible life.

Transcending previous self-improvement and personal finance books, Endorphinomics reveals a holistic process for optimizing your financial independence and quality of life.

Every chapter is packed with actionable insights, recommendations, and exercises to imagine and create a life you love.— Julie Stone