Bulk & Custom Orders

ENDORPHINOMICS bulk ordersIf you are interested in:

  1. Purchasing books for resale in a book store—go to Ingram http://www.ingramcontent.com/pages/home.aspx
  2. Purchasing books for resale in a retail store—send us an email with your phone, address, company, name, and address indicating your interest. We will contact you to set up an account. steve@sendorphinzone.com or call 530-652-4081
  3. Volume discounts for companies, schools, workshops, clubs, study groups, etc. click here to download a price list and order form.
  4. Custom Foreword by YOU—See below and then contact Steve for a price list and to discuss the details of your project. steve@stevemoeller.com 530-652-4081

Your Custom Version

Your Name on the Cover and Your Custom Foreword Inside

A marketing system in a book!






ENDORPHINOMICS custom orders

Use Steve Moeller’s inspiring new book, Endorphinomics: The Science of Human Flourishing, as the foundation for your branding, value proposition and marketing. We’ll interview you and then write a custom foreword and put your name on the cover, right above Steve’s name. See the example on the left.

Then use your customized version of this beautiful book:

  1. As a gift for to help your clients, employees, family, friends, and prospects flourish.
  2. As a positioning piece and conversation starter,
  3. As a thank when someone helps you,
  4. As the basis for presentations, study groups, lead-generating events, relationship-building events, classes, and workshop
  5. As the foundation for radio and media interviews, explain how you are using it in your life and with your clients
  6. As a gift to a graduate, newlyweds, retirees, and job changers or to everyone for Christmas.

The one-time ghost writing fee of $495 includes an interview, writing the foreword, getting your approval, adding your content to the interior and typesetting your name on the cover.

  • Custom Foreword by YOU—contact Steve to discuss the details of your project. steve@stevemoeller.com 530-652-4081